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Cravings Salty Foods – Boredom Is Causing Your Brain With Salt Cravings

Craving salty foods doesn’t seem that much of a harmful thing to do to your body. However, the reasons behinds it might be the bigger issue. People who suffer from Addison’s disease have a craving for salty and fatty foods. The symptoms of this disorder include excessive salivation, fatigue, depression, poor memory, tremor, and nausea. Salty foods are digested too […]

What Are Coronavirus Symptoms

The first known case of coronavirus symptoms in humans was associated with a virus called SARS. This is one of the common types of virus that can lead to a respiratory illness and sometimes deadly pneumonia. It was named SARS-coV-2 because it was first discovered in animals and is believed to have been contracted by the pets of those individuals […]

How To Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Being healthy and living longer can be simple if you know the definition of healthy. Many people don’t even think it is that important to stay healthy, let alone actually get healthy. But as we continue to age, we need to take better care of ourselves just to stay in good shape. One good way to stay healthy and fit […]

Reasons Why You Are Craving Salt

When our body is craving salt, you better watch out. When we are stressed out, our bodies begin to crave salt to help us deal with the anxiety. Your body must keep a certain level of liquids to function properly. If these levels fall below what’s healthy, you will begin to crave salt. This is the body’s way of motivating […]